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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet maintenance requires a combination of regular vacuuming and periodic carpet cleaning. Dust and other allergenic particles enter your home from outside and fall into your carpets every day, shifting down to the mesh below.

Regular vacuuming will reduce the dust level in your carpet, but it can't remove all of the dust and debris. Virtually every carpet manufacturer recommends professionally cleaning their carpets every 12/24 months and some are now making this periodic cleaning a compulsory condition of their wear warranties.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia offers the best carpet cleaning methods and uses only the safest, most effective products.

We specialize in:

  • Wall-to-Wall Carpets
  • Stairs and Hallways
  • Carpet Mold & Mildew Removal
  • Carpet Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • strong>Carpet Repair and Re-stretching
  • No Harsh Chemicals Carpet Cleaning
    • Child and Pet Safe
    • Hypo-Allergenic
    • Fast Drying

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Our Cleaning Methods:

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia provides six different methods of carpet cleaning for your home or office, ranging from absorbent dry compound to hot water extraction. Our technicians will discuss with you the method best suited to clean your carpet.

We also offer personalized in-plant rug cleaning for your area rugs and valuable antique rugs, with free pickup and delivery.

Absorbent Dry Compound Cleaning

An absorbent dry compound including a detergent is applied to the carpet and technicians use machines to spread the compound evenly through the carpet's pile. The absorbent dry compound incorporates the soil particles into itself for immediate removal with a vacuum - no waiting for the carpet to dry first!

Shampoo Cleaning

Openings in a rotary brush release the shampoo detergent directly onto the surface of the carpet. The brush foams the shampoo into the carpet pile, where the dirt and dust incorporate themselves into the foam, leaving the carpet's fibers clean. Additional chemicals may be added to the cleaning solution for odor reduction, stain protection, color brightening or to aid in faster drying. Once the carpet is dry, the soil and shampoo residue is easily vacuumed away.

Foam Cleaning

Foam is similar to shampoo, though using less water. Foam is applied to the surface of the carpet and worked in with sponges. Once the carpet is dry, the soil and foam residue is easily vacuumed away. This cleaning method is less effective than the wetter methods, such as shampoo and hot water extraction.

Bonnet Cleaning (Commercial Buildings)

Bonnet cleaning is similar to shampoo, though using an absorbent pad called a bonnet attached to the bottom of a rotary machine instead of a rotary brush. Detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet and the rotary pad is used to agitate and remove the soil suspended in the solution from the carpet. The bonnet effectively cleans the top third of the carpet pile, so this method is used in regular cleaning of commercial buildings in between more thorough cleanings.

Hot Water Extraction - also known as Steam Cleaning

Hot water mixed with diluted detergent solution is sprayed at high pressure into the carpeting to remove dust and dirt, though the cleaning equipment may additionally employ rotary brushes or other devices to better loosen the particles embedded in the carpet's fibers. The dirt is suction extracted along with the cleaning solution, leaving behind clean carpet. Hot water extraction equipment may be portable or truck-mounted, depending on your needs and the accessibility of the cleaning location.

Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo - Combination

This two-step process is effective for heavily-soiled carpets. The process consists of:

  • Initial shampoo with rotary brush to loosen the dirt
  • Subsequent hot water extraction without detergent to remove the shampoo.

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