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Air Duct Cleaning

Many companies offer air duct cleaning and you have undoubtedly seen tons of flyers and coupons for this in your mailbox, all offering unbelievably low prices. Air duct cleaning is not necessary for every building. You want someone who will listen to you and understand your situation and determine if you even need to clean your air ducts.

When you call many of these companies, they will sign you up on the spot for the service without first listening to your situation and making multiple suggestions. They don't care that you have done your research and know that air duct cleaning isn't always necessary.

When you call Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia, we start out by listening to you. We are happy to clear up any questions you have about air duct cleaning, and we will take the time to determine what cleaning solution will fit your needs and your home or office building.

Our technicians bring knowledge, experience, and top-of-the-line air duct cleaning equipment to your home or office.

Our Equipment

A major factor in the success of air duct cleaning in removing particles lodged in air ducts is the equipment used. We use a system of interchangeable drive cables and brushes which we mix and match to clean different air duct layouts.

For example, the 3/8" steel core cable in a 3/4" double walled cable housing attached to the standard Flex-E brush is designed specifically for cleaning 4" to 18" diameter air ducts. The same 3/8" steel core cable in a 3/4" double walled cable housing attached to a commercial brush is used to clean air ducts up to 36" in diameter.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia would be proud to service your home or business. Call us at 215-279-8589 for more information.

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